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OmnipotentiaS MorganuS


Velim esse...

I would like to be the grass
which you put steps softly in
I could relish touch your feet
sense your velvet scented skin

I would like to be the air
which enshrouds your brilliant shape
I could touch you tenderly
hence become the breath you take

I would like to be the food
which you caress with your lip
I could indulge your hunger
care for taste perfect and deep

I would like to be the drink
which you fondle with your tongue
I could always quench your thirst
share in flavour great and long

I would like to be the dream
which comes when you are asleep
I could be the one wished-for
make your nights endlessly sweet

I would like to be the book
which rests in your slender hand
I could charm your awesome mind
take you then to wonderland


(proofreaded and enhanced by Aristo)